About us

At Eventor we understand how important and crucial it is to have a powerful mobile tool that is equally beneficial for event organizers as well as the participants. We have created a product that is here to simultaneously solve the problem of getting the message through about the latest updates of the agenda from the organizers, as well as being a streaming marketing channel for the sponsors and the exhibitors.

We have a perfect understanding of event organizers needs, backed up by a deep expertise in Mobile Application development. Here at Eventor, we are aware that every event being so dynamic, everything is always subject to last minute changes. We are able to provide that one to one support approach to the client, which enables to change any information in real time with no extra cost involved. With Eventor, we can guarantee all your content is still available on your attendees’ devices even if the Internet connectivity issue happens, due to our seamless background synchronization.

Contact us

We very much value your feedback and would like to hear what you think about Eventor. Please drop us a note info@eventor.mobi or give a call at +13157077517. Our team is always happy to answer your questions.